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We offer a wide range of school photography services to meet all your needs, including.


Our expert photographers excel at capturing the essence of each student, creating timeless portraits that families cherish.


Whether you prefer composite or traditional group photos, we have the skills and equipment to create stunning group images that capture the spirit of your school.

Sibling Photos

Sibling bonds are special, and we ensure that those connections are celebrated with our sibling photos.

Auxiliary Photos

From Student Council Staff Photos to any other curricular groups, we are adept at capturing the essence of each group.

Sports Photos

The thrill of the game, the spirit of the team – we freeze those moments for you to remember forever.

ID Cards

We provide high-quality ID cards for students, teachers, and staff, ensuring security and identification are a breeze.


For the little ones embarking on their educational journey, we create endearing preschool photos that parents treasure.

When you choose SchoolHouse Pics, you’re choosing a partner who understands the significance of each school moment, and who is dedicated to preserving those memories with exceptional quality and care.

Contact us today to discuss your school’s photography needs, schedule a session, or to learn more about our services. We’re here to make ySchoolHouse Pics experience as seamless and memorable as possible.

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